Friday, November 4, 2011

How to control your anger?

Today wasn't a good day for me.. it's not that horrible.. but a lil bit annoying.. but..apa blh buat.. nama pun CoAss.. sabar jaklah.. n from now on.. i'm thinking of steps on how to control my anger when i felt so damn tired like dying... huhu.. capek deh!~

1. seat down..relax.. n take a deep breath... inhale.........exhale... FUH!~
2. try to SMILE..  :D 
3. PRAY.. Ya me!
4. grab a bunch of chocolate.. n eat them all!! yeahh.. i like it..
5. EAT. 
6. imagine/looking at the photo of your mom/dad/babies.. ^__^
7.share your problem with someone or anyone.. don't keep it by yourself..once u burst.. it might get worst... huhu
8. cry.. :P well.. i am a cry-baby..  :P 
9. blogging. hihihih..
10. call makkk!!!!~~  *i do this a lot...haha..*

yeah..felt so much better now! THANX to Allah.. my mom..n TOBLERONE for helping me get through this. ^_______^  

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